evolving to elope with her
solipsistic silence

sensing her solemn essence

revolving electron resigned
to this quantum violence

A faint entropic luminescence

unravelling the signs

she’s a curious absence
in parsimonious answers

where duality’s code aligns

she’s zero and one
with simultaneous chances

in the mist of reminiscence

the obscure transparency

the straining truce in symbiosis

the manifesting, the apparently

of someone who is never
someone who is may be later:

the hope of the apathetic

the tears of the sinners who berate her

the famished angsts of the apoplectic

who are honing down the sky

abscond her apparition
while latent in its fierceness

she’s not your how nor your why

nor the salvation of the grievous

she’s not your consolation

for the vacuity of time

she’s the hint outside the desolation

the trembling ecstasy of rhyme

she revels in your rapture
she undermines your dolour

she’s the art great artists capture
she shines in honorific colour

she’s your reflection’s shadow

loyal to your every scar

she’s the harvest before the fallow

In the light of the invisible star

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

A Schema



The flow of blood.

Then exertion,
to convert
The inundating flood

To purity.

To poetry
Alive and awash

With the Knowing of the breath.

Such apparatus for extraction
Of life and soul
From the inorganic havoc –

A schema
From the limits of light.

Time space matter

Of our fears.

A Thousand Times Goodnight

Tease them forth, truth’s threads of light,
Fearsome and exposed;
Spirit blinded by the sheerest white

Of infinity, no apertures closed
In the gravity of remembering.

Inanimate recall, from still to morphing,
Coalescing matter, gathering
Across nebulous spacetime, dwarfing
One and all, imagination
Powerless, riven, thrilled
By such cataclysmic machination,

Pouring, bleeding, spilled
Like souls without their hosts,

Anguished, agog, ecstatic,
Creation’s hidden ghosts
A-shimmer in the static.

Archways in infinite mirrors fill
The dream ahead with implausible
Feats, from an hallucinogenic pill
From that great Seer, Dr Impossible
Bending our light to the beautiful sad

Refraction in earth-shattering rainbow,

Am I the Seer? Cosmic Glory. Mad,
Just reflect on me. Burgeon. Glow.

In each and every goodnight.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Amber Elizabeth Lamoreaux

Love’s Sequel

Beauty deludes with its surface level
Whilst vanity’s need for validation
Is insecurity’s hidden devil,
And lovers’ fiendish aberration.

We will, with certainty, be long gone
When the fruits of our illusions fade.
With only the always-was and the all-along
In the rapid, encroaching, icy shade.

Hear time creak with endless knowing,
Suffer, Oh how, all discarded souls,
Taste the groan and shudder of all bestowing
In the darkening tremble of the Truth foretold.

How inopportune the paths we choose
In the stumbling dark of time’s veil,
Such mass, such gravitas in the love we lose
In the shrinking light of this blue dot, pale.

So I love you less and I love you more,
And both are true and equal,
For we were, and are, behind a quantum door
Where love’s prelude is love’s sequel.

Thus it was all forever and for nought,
That all-encompassing infinity,
The unbreakable beauty and sorrow we brought,
An endless well of damnation’s divinity.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Simon Kenny

The Sage

Each and every word soared to the heavens
As the fury of beauty raged in flames,
And the memories, alive, at sixes and sevens
Transfigured to angels in these flagrant games.

He, the alchemist, with my conjuring spells;
She, the ghost in the vapour where the ocean swells.
He, the dreamer, with the cosmic vision;
She, the seamstress, dressed in contrition
Concealed behind purposeful smiles;
He, the Sage, for whom Time reconciles
These Abandonments of Truth.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Dangerous Ethers

Arisen and abounded,
Impossible sounds spoke
Of confluence confounded,
All reason already broke –
The instinctive predatory
Of harmonics swooping low,
Burgeoned hunger’s story,
Insatiable lust did flow
As the quiet famished growled,
Engorged by the smell of blood,
Androgenic bodies prowled
In pursuit of the sensual flood,
For too much is inefficient
In fervent copulation,
The pleasure insufficient,
For the frenzied population
In these dangerous ethers
For the hungry human soul,
Devoid of hope and neither
Damned nor delivered whole.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Bojan Jevtic

Dark Matter

My soul in lines
Of a randomness, emerging
Into a pattern that keeps repeating
With my supposedly final emptiness converging
Back to you, again, something about you defeating
My hopelessness in the way
That you are a constant, a star,
Dark matter, I’m trying to say,
Across my chest, there is a scar,
That is part of who I am,
And I think that you are too.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Mikko Lagerstedt