evolving to elope with her
solipsistic silence

sensing her solemn essence

revolving electron resigned
to this quantum violence

A faint entropic luminescence

unravelling the signs

she’s a curious absence
in parsimonious answers

where duality’s code aligns

she’s zero and one
with simultaneous chances

in the mist of reminiscence

the obscure transparency

the straining truce in symbiosis

the manifesting, the apparently

of someone who is never
someone who is may be later:

the hope of the apathetic

the tears of the sinners who berate her

the famished angsts of the apoplectic

who are honing down the sky

abscond her apparition
while latent in its fierceness

she’s not your how nor your why

nor the salvation of the grievous

she’s not your consolation

for the vacuity of time

she’s the hint outside the desolation

the trembling ecstasy of rhyme

she revels in your rapture
she undermines your dolour

she’s the art great artists capture
she shines in honorific colour

she’s your reflection’s shadow

loyal to your every scar

she’s the harvest before the fallow

In the light of the invisible star

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

3 thoughts on “Revolving

    • Thank you so much. I wanted to ask you, about your blog posts – seemingly random extractions – perhaps that is exactly what they are, which strikes me as legitimate expression. Or else, I am missing something else…?


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