Love’s Sequel

Beauty deludes with its surface level
Whilst vanity’s need for validation
Is insecurity’s hidden devil,
And lovers’ fiendish aberration.

We will, with certainty, be long gone
When the fruits of our illusions fade.
With only the always-was and the all-along
In the rapid, encroaching, icy shade.

Hear time creak with endless knowing,
Suffer, Oh how, all discarded souls,
Taste the groan and shudder of all bestowing
In the darkening tremble of the Truth foretold.

How inopportune the paths we choose
In the stumbling dark of time’s veil,
Such mass, such gravitas in the love we lose
In the shrinking light of this blue dot, pale.

So I love you less and I love you more,
And both are true and equal,
For we were, and are, behind a quantum door
Where love’s prelude is love’s sequel.

Thus it was all forever and for nought,
That all-encompassing infinity,
The unbreakable beauty and sorrow we brought,
An endless well of damnation’s divinity.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Simon Kenny

2 thoughts on “Love’s Sequel

  1. How true and beautiful that the all encompassing infinity you refer to in Love’s Sequel makes prelude and sequel, alpha and omega , loving less and loving more be both true and equal seen in the light of infinity which encompasses all , thus in a unity of opposites making all one in one universe. Feels like I am embraced by your sweet poem.

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