Inhibitions Unfurled

You are loved by the dream
That recurs in these tears,
Freefalling, forestalling, they teem
From a place without fears –
The place where we met
On a moon of our making,
Tender hands held, how we let
The hearts that were breaking
Orbit the life we would share
If gravity’s fate would untwist,
And lips, drunk with the rarified air
Melded soft closely, as the dream kissed
In a cavernous corner of spacetime
Where our moments still live,
And our yearning souls rhyme
In the verses of love we would give
Within the parallel world
Where we could hold close again,
All inhibitions unfurled
In an unclothed soul-song refrain
In those endless moments
Which arose from the Never
To graze memory’s torments,
Exquisite, alive inside us forever
With the taste of the haze we wrapped
Round our unified souls, softer than skin,
Locked in a mystical gaze, we are trapped
Unless fate will conspire Us, without sin.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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