How Many Words for Beautiful

How many words for beautiful
Would it take to elucidate
The shape beyond cognition
That comprises all of love
And turns it through with colour
Until kaleidoscopes and flags
Flutter way past nightfall
On the verges of the city
Where people live and dance
And the poets sit in wait
Poring words for beautiful
That it would take to convey all this
And that way the courting couples
Laugh and touch their hands
In subterranean venues
Where music and a drink-fuelled pall
Give off the lustre of a dream
And people seem to live
A few hours of golden liberty
Holding back dawn’s tide
Where the light returns to sombre
In the shadow of the dreams
Which lived just briefly
In the space between the lovers
And all the spinning words for beautiful.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Colin Joyce

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