All the Tender Universe

It all ends with the coming sky
Unless the fates shall deign
To stop us always asking why
And encapsulate and seal the pain,
To seal it up and send it on
To some cosmos far away
Where grief has gathered all tears drawn
From grievous souls a-sway
On the precipice of choice
Where truth has been unkind,
A place where light gains voice
And seeps redemption to the mind,
Speaking gently to a broken heart
In ethers trembling with gentle rhyme
Speaking of where beginnings start
Before the fates call time,
Before the days have drifted out,
Beyond the reach of life,
A start, a truth, an end to doubt
Shall dissipate internal strife
With all the tender universe
Showering microcosmic love
From infinite lines of verse
Commanded from above
Until the waking moment comes
That lays out revelation
That life can be more than bitter crumbs
And the rest is elevation…

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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