Who Knows?

Can you feel this Earth set spinning?
Can you see the racing sky?
Can you taste the sea we’re swimming?
Do you know a reason why?

Did you hear the sound of purpose?
Did you touch a quaking soul?
Did you ripple space-time’s surface?
Will you succumb to this black hole?

Are you standing still or falling?
Are you alive or some thing’s dream?
Are you ready for your calling?
Is this the destiny you’ve seen?

Why do you run from grace?
Why do you turn and flee?
Why do you fear that place?
When will you let truth be?

How did you even land?
How did you learn to sleep?
How did you fail to understand?
What secrets can’t you keep?

Where did you let it vanish?
Where did you pray it hide?
Where did you dream it banished?
Which fate could stem this tide?

Who are you in this maelstrom?
Who are you as the light fades?
Who are you without form?
Who knows how this pervades?

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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