The Gesture

Here is the grand gesture,
The final sacrifice,
The ending of conjecture,
The poetry as price.

Here is the great farewell,
The signing of the letter,
The final worded spell,
The only way to make it better.

Here is my greatest gift,
The winding up of myth,
The sentence’s final shift,
The last verses I will give.

And I turn away from art
As the sun turns from the Earth,
Fundamental to the heart
But just an accident of birth.

And I give my self to truth,
And all I am to endless love,
In compassion there is proof
That this fate is quite enough.

So thank you for the awe
And for the light we traced
Above a path without a flaw,
Goodbye, I’m here, in our far-flung place.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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