Resting Place

Spelling out spells
Darker than density
In which law foretells
Spellbinding immensity
And I don’t think you know
What we came here for
Nor how to stem the flow
Of what’s now become a war
Between magnificent dark forces
And I’m only ever on the side
Of this universe which courses
Fast and furious beneath the tide
Of turmoil woven nights
Awash in sensual derision
Far above the reach of lights
And this monolith of precision
In all its exquisite little steps
Towards the end of things
The way the way accepts
The closure it will bring
On the only open story
That the end can tell
In all upended glory
Ocean arcing swell
Through to space
Abandoned now
Resting place
For the vow
Alive alive
For now

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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