The Prevailing Wind

Changed by the prevailing wind,
Kneeling at an altar
In the future which will rescind
Every step at which we faltered,
And we climb and climb and climb
Under the watchful eye of time
To a timeless vantage point
Praying that it may yet anoint
Our passage through this fear
With all the revelation of the pure;
Pray all the love that we procure
Amassed as our final end is near –
Amalgamated edifice which towers
In fields of our souls’ reddest flowers,
In the mode of Claude Monet –
The fiercest fires of the last foray
Into the realm we knew was real –
That world we could not embrace
For all the grief that it would steal
And all the joy it would displace;
Yet so it shall still come to pass
That we have sailed the great morass
Until the wind and lunar tides
Brings us, at last, ashore and besides
Love always prevails.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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