I cannot put my finger on it,
But something lives within the chords,
Something of the notes upon it,
Which the restless breeze affords;
Something pleading to reveal
The raging space in which we live
And the untouched fire it conceals
Should the smokescreen ever give
Way, away upon billowed flame
Unveiling the thing beyond our eye,
The thing we cannot hope to name
That holds the soul we mean by ‘I’,
And how I wonder how your I
Sails in notes in this piano sky
As if you were the air of breath,
Flowing with life en route to death.
But still it cannot be elucidated,
For we are words without a sound,
A truth that won’t be encapsulated;
That speechless awe, once, we found,
Held, tight, in silent talisman, inside
The vapours which memory holds
Of the gentlest sighs of the stillest tide
And even still how love unfolds
Upon the passage of sorrows and regrets,
A greater fortitude than the simply sorrowed
Required of the lovers time never forgets,
To have and to hold in all the time borrowed
From our dwindling destiny aboard
That sailing wind which only we knew,
Tracing a sound into a new pristine chord
Resounding with the truth of ‘I’ and ‘You’.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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