Tease them forth, truth’s threads of light,
Fearsome and exposed;
Soul blinded by the sheer white
Of infinity, no apertures closed
By the gravity of remembering.
Inanimate recall, from still to morphing,
Coalescing matter, gathering
Across nebulous spacetime, dwarfing
One and all, imagination
Powerless, riven, thrilled
By the cataclysmic machination,
Pouring, bleeding, spilled
Like souls without their hosts,
Anguished, agog, ecstatic,
Creation’s hidden ghosts
A-shimmer in the static.
Archways in infinite mirrors fill
The dream ahead with impossible
Paths like a hallucinogenic pill,
I am the Sage, Dr Implausible,
Bending the light to the beautiful sad
Refraction in echoes of rainbow,
I am the Seer, Cosmic Glory, mad,
So Reflect on me. Burgeon. Glow.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

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