Bring forth umami flavours
From sensual wells deep-sprung
Dissolved in touch that savours
The emollience of the tongue

Submerge your soul in essences
With a fluency which verges
On the flooding of the senses
On which ecstasy converges.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

All the Tender Universe

It all ends with the coming sky
Unless the fates shall deign
To stop us always asking why
And encapsulate and seal the pain,
To seal it up and send it on
To some cosmos far away
Where grief has gathered all tears drawn
From grievous souls a-sway
On the precipice of choice
Where truth has been unkind,
A place where light gains voice
And seeps redemption to the mind,
Speaking gently to a broken heart
In ethers trembling with gentle rhyme
Speaking of where beginnings start
Before the fates call time,
Before the days have drifted out,
Beyond the reach of life,
A start, a truth, an end to doubt
Shall dissipate internal strife
With all the tender universe
Showering microcosmic love
From infinite lines of verse
Commanded from above
Until the waking moment comes
That lays out revelation
That life can be more than bitter crumbs
And the rest is elevation…

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

How Many Words for Beautiful

How many words for beautiful
Would it take to elucidate
The shape beyond cognition
That comprises all of love
And turns it through with colour
Until kaleidoscopes and flags
Flutter way past nightfall
On the verges of the city
Where people live and dance
And the poets sit in wait
Poring words for beautiful
That it would take to convey all this
And that way the courting couples
Laugh and touch their hands
In subterranean venues
Where music and a drink-fuelled pall
Give off the lustre of a dream
And people seem to live
A few hours of golden liberty
Holding back dawn’s tide
Where the light returns to sombre
In the shadow of the dreams
Which lived just briefly
In the space between the lovers
And all the spinning words for beautiful.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Colin Joyce

Oh Glorious Orbiter

Oh glorious orbiter
Are you the arbiter
Of all furious fates
In gravity’s states
Like the turning
Away of our spheres,
Our souls burning
Through stratospheres
At escape velocities
To dreams beyond reach
Of love’s fevered ferocities,
Upon far nebulous beach
Where our atoms disperse
Comingled in awe,
Oh magnificent universe,
What was our flaw?

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Scattering Prism

Insufficient, these streaks
Of rainbow in vapour
To paint as love seeks,
Our Time which must taper
Away to a dot
Paler than Blue,
The chance which we got,
On solar winds, blew
To future’s past-tense,
Our scattering prism
To a spectrum, immense,
Too massive, the schism.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Freydoon Rassouli

i am meme

meme i am meme idea of i in morphine memories dulled angsts decaying desires resisting time weakly gravity of lungs inert in meme of identity who am i the memory of to the idea of you non-existent in closed space some pixels try vanity for hope but turn turn sounds away the great deflector shields souls but restrains the dream from the flooding light upon the turning meme turn you away towards a stratosphere shimmering poles above voices soundless in sorrow little in cadence endless in time

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018

Image Aquasixio

Lovers, if they Could

Lovers, if they could, would fold
Their early nights of passion
Unto infinite loops of cinematic
Flagrancy, playing out time
Under watch of histories
Far too aloof to interfere
In this spacetime vandalism.

We are mainly disappointments,
Let’s face it.
Ideals and idols
We halt paying homage to,
At first, in anger,
Then later, in apathy
And exhaustion
And perhaps subtle disillusion
As we perceive
How we failed to perfect ourselves
Time and again
Until lateness hovered ominously

Ominous and heavy in the atmospheres
Of illusion we start to swim
Less fearfully
More resigned
To the tiny incremental submersion
Into the new absolving dream
Of quietude
And the reassuring certainty
Of a hopelessness which
Bizarrely offers comfort

And I always knew you weren’t real
In any event
For the waking light lacks substance
Particularly as it passes
Through figments and ghosts.

Copyright Kosmogonic 2018